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I love lolita fashion 

did a photo shooting with the lovely nana from #lolitakomplex for an upcoming book about #gothiclolita
here’s a preview
copyright: Eve Evangel
head pieces: off brand / handmade
head jewelery: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
blouse: Alice and the Pirates
necklace: Innocent World
dress: Juliette et Justine
tights: Juliette et Justine
shoes: Alice and the Pirates
ring: Alice and the Pirates

Takulu in Misty Sky

Black Snow Queen Coord 
Blouse- Dear Celine
Socks- IW
Shoes- Bodyline
Head- Chess Story

Kimura Yu’s Kokokim Shop Launch at Shibuya109Photo from Tokyo Street Fashion KAWAII-PATEEN
1- 5? c:

1.How did you first get into Lolita?

~~ A couple of years back, like 5+, I was looking for new clothing and I wanted some from Japan so I started searching and finding stores. Well anyways one time I searched Kawaii Japanese dresses and I got sent to a Lolita online shop (can’t remember the name now) and I started looking through it and I saw that the style was called Lolita and I really like it and thought that it was cute so I continued my search for more dresses and I found even more brands, dresses, and online stores. And that is how it all started! :DD 

2.Do you have a favorite Lolita style?

~~ Not really, I like them all equally!!

3.What if I told you you were my Lolita inspiration?

~~I would be the happiest person on the planet!!! That would really mean a lot and it would make the rest of my life awesome and happy to know that.

4.BTSSB or Alice and the Pirates?

~~Hhhhmmm indecisive 

5.Do you have any Lolita meets you plant on attending soon?

~~No, there aren’t any local once where I live and I really don’t have the money to travel any time soon….

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